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The Opportunity

In a post-financial crisis world, wholesale investors are confronted with low yields, higher volatility and an outlook of increased uncertainty. 


ImmortalIP sees this situation for what it is; a remarkable opportunity to be appropriately addressed by institutional traders and their proprietary trading strategies.

  • ImmortalIP has a process that systematically identifies and engages high pedigree institutional traders with a verified trading history that consistently performs in liquid long short markets.
  • ImmortalIP provides wholesale investors with a diversified portfolio of actively managed strategies that are uncorrelated in performance to each ImmortalIP trading strategy and the benchmark.

ImmortalIP Position

ImmortalIP offers our wholesale investors a suite of investable trading strategies, and we have developed a systematic selection process, “Proprietary to ImmortalIP”, which identifies strategy and trader combinations appropriate to the market conditions in current and foreseeable investment environments.

Our trading operations are decentralised, and we continually search for high-end trading talent with an institutional pedigree which enables us to offer a suite of uncorrelated independent funds.

Our operational framework governs and controls risk in real-time.


ImmortalIP has been created to provide wholesale investors with exposure to long/short actively managed funds, which predominately trade in liquid markets such as Foreign Exchange, Rates and Equities.

The objective of the company is to target low double-digit annual returns in liquid cash and derivatives markets via methodical investment selection, portfolio construction and active risk management.

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